Check Your Privilege Online Workshop with Myisha T

Friday, August 7 from 2:00-5:00pm PDT. 

Workshop Fee: $155 (100% goes to Myisha)

No refunds. Access to replay available.

Check Your Privilege Online Workshop with Myisha T

Back to School: Talking to Your Kids About Race workshop is an opportunity for you to:

  • Normalize the conversation about race with your children
  • Reflect on your silence being a barrier to restorative action for the next generation
  • Practice challenging conversations to have with your kids about race

Upcoming Fall 2020 Workshops

October 2020: Race & Music.. How Racism influences Music Industrial Complex

  • Learn about the appropriation of black music
  • Understand how music has been used as a tool to program our unconscious biases to disregard black and brown communities.
  • Reflect on the way you've upheld white supremacy through consumption, judgement, and bias.

December 2020:  Breaking The Addiction of Privilege

Date & Times to be announced soon. Stay tuned on Instagram.
Myisha T

Myisha T

Activist & Entrepreneur

Myisha T Is a mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about mental wellness and the empowerment for Black Indigenous Women of Color. After a 7 day stint in a mental health institution for suicidal ideation with a plan and postpartum psychosis, she became impassioned to help women of color find tools and resources to open up and seek treatment for their mental health. In 2016 she founded Brown Sisters Speak a mental wellness project for Women of Color. Currently, she mentors women to lead synergistic lifestyles and speaks to audiences on a variety of mental health and wellness topics, parenting strategies for different ability children, and the impacts of white supremacy and minority mental health.

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