Made of Stars Myisha T Workshops

Tuesday, June 16, 10am-1pm PDT & Sunday, June 28, 2-5pm PDT. 

Workshop Fee: $155 (100% goes to Myisha)

Attend 1 or both.

It’s imperative that white people identifying as “feminist,” “progressive,” “liberal,” or helping professionals do their work to move beyond allyship into co-conspired action that builds in-roads to true solidarity.  Imperial capitalistic white supremacist patriarchy continues to dominate the narrative that black lives don’t matter. It is up to co-conspirators to move into action, unlearn racist behaviors, and help dismantle the systems of oppression.

This Check Your Privilege workshop is an opportunity for you to:

  • Unpack and Own your Racism
  • Understand the impact your unacknowledged Racism has on the mental and emotional health of BIWoC
  • Take a guided journey into your relationship with power, privilege, and racism
  • Identify behaviors that negatively impact BIWoC and learn to react beyond getting caught up in White Guilt, White Fragility, and White Exceptionalism
  • Practice potentially awkward or racially charged conversations you’ve been nervous to have and receive feedback
  • Learn how to continue educating yourself, become a resource to other white people and find ways to integrate anti-racism work into your daily life
Myisha T Check Your Privilege

Myisha T

Activist & Entrepreneur

Myisha T Is a mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about mental wellness and the empowerment for Black Indigenous Women of Color. After a 7 day stint in a mental health institution for suicidal ideation with a plan and postpartum psychosis, she became impassioned to help women of color find tools and resources to open up and seek treatment for their mental health. In 2016 she founded Brown Sisters Speak a mental wellness project for Women of Color. Currently, she mentors women to lead synergistic lifestyles and speaks to audiences on a variety of mental health and wellness topics, parenting strategies for different ability children, and the impacts of white supremacy and minority mental health.

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